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It's such an honor and privilege to hold Activation Breathwork retreats for men, women, and for couples. All we have ever needed to heal is connecting to the breath. It Knows the Way Home. 



January 26-30th | Sedona, AZ

I personally invite you to walk through your fears and accept the call to reveal everything that has kept you trapped in cycles of addiction, shame, suffering, anxiety, and unhappiness. It is an honor I do not take lightly and know I have been where you are and walked my own path back to wholeness!



February 23-27 | Sedona, AZ

This 5-Day Retreat has been calling to me for some time. I've been deeply moved by women requesting I hold an Activation Breathwork Retreat just for them. I'm humbled and honored that women would trust me to guide them from a balanced masculine/feminine place of love. To heal masculine wounding in the presence of a male is so powerful and So needed. It takes courage, surrender, and trust.

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