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Ocean Eagle’s life’s trajectory was forever altered on May 4th, 2019 in his first Shamanic Breathwork session in Sedona, Arizona. While at the “The Gathering of the Shamans”, he attended Linda Star Wolf’s Shamanic Breathwork workshop. Eighty Five people breathed that day and the session blew Ocean Eagle apart. The expansion of love for humanity and Mother Earth was overwhelming. 

Ocean Eagle is an Amazon International Best Selling Co-author of Cracking the Rich Code, Vol. 2 and author of "The Gift of Inspirations".  He is the founder of Activation Breathwork, a shamanic journey through the breath, music and touch as the 7 chakras are opened to reveal opportunities for deep healing and releasing stuck and trapped energy.


"I am unwinding and unbinding myself from old patterns and belief systems
one day at a time."

Ocean Eagle

"We Only Need to Surrender One Thing!  


~ Ocean Eagle ~

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