"Ocean Eagle, You are the best!  Keep doing what you do. You helped me see what I could only feel. Powerful stuff brother."

Farmer Dave Guttadauro

"Wild ride! That was good stuff Thursday night, I had some intense activation. I released all kinds of pent-up trauma from my fascia Thursday. Wild and wonderful universe we live in when we embrace healing and allow spirit to work with us rather than against our resistance. Thanks again for facilitating," 

- Jen...20+ Year Trauma Therapist

“Ocean Eagle, you are a master at guiding others and your intuition was incredible!” 

- Raquel...Profound Astrologer

“That was the most profound experience of my entire life!”

- Earl....68 year old retiree

"I'm overflowing with love and gratitude for all of you. Thank You! I miss you all and the beautiful sacred space we shared. Blessings....

-Jimene....Attended the Dec 2-5th AB Training


"Thank you for a wonderful weekend beautiful souls! It was truly amazing! I am so glad to have been apart of this wonderful, powerful, loving group and entire training. I'm still processing everything as I met you as strangers but left with a new soul family!"

-Dr. Angie Cross....Attended the Dec 2-5th AB Training