Activation Breathwork Men's
Soul Retrieval Journey
January 26-30th in Sedona, AZ

I personally invite you to walk through your fears and accept the call to reveal everything that has kept you trapped in cycles of addiction, shame, suffering, anxiety, and unhappiness. It is an honor I do not take lightly and know I have been where you are and walked my own path back to wholeness!

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The Details!

January 26-30th in Sedona, Az. with Ocean Eagle!

I have used this 6,000 sq.ft. home 6 times in 2022 and it resides on 6 1/2 acres next to Oak Creek with incredible red rock mountain views.

-Daily Activation Breathwork sessions

-Ritual Cord Cutting

-Morning Freezing Creek Cold Plunges

-I'm Including a Sweat Lodge/Temescal for this one with Rahelio

-Hiking and Meditation on the Mountains

-Daily Healthy Lunches Provided

-Two Nights Dinner will Be Provided

-House Sleeps 10....first come first served

-Live in House Music with J.R.


-Group Classwork

-Learn the Alchemical Process to Wholeness

-Possible Daily Yoga

-You Will Build a Tribe of Brothers like Never Before

This is a 100% Sober Event 24/7 for the 5 days and 4 nights.

This event will sell out quickly as the request have been pouring in.

4 Private Rooms - $2,099

6 Memory Foam Beds- $1,799

If more than 10 sign up, you will need lodging offsite nearby in West Sedona. Price will be reduced to accommodate for the offsite lodging expense.

The healing that transpired this past year has been incredible and has included:

-High Blood Pressure Disappearing

-Chronic Body Pain Gone

-30 Years of Foot Pain Gone

-Addictions Lifted

-Life Long Fears Removed

-Trauma and PTSD Healing

-Inner Child Recovered

-Huge Loss of Weight Upon Returning Home

-Lives Forever Changed

-Communication with Spouse and Children Re-Opened

-A Renewed Love of Self

I'm Ready......Are You?