Buddah Lotus Story


This amazing painting was painted by 250 people who attended the Gathering of the Creatives in Santa Fe, NM in Sept of 2019.


My dear soul SiStar Whitney Freya, who guides online painting meditations, lovingly guided the creation of the painting over a 4-day period. Freya sent me a picture of the painting a few days before she was completed. I immediately felt her energy and had an instant connection to her.


I told Freya I wanted the painting and she informed me it was going to be

auctioned off on Sunday, the final day of the gathering, and the proceeds were going to a local charity in Santa Fe. I asked her to begin bidding on it for me and on Sunday she began bidding. I was getting updates from her as I would be outbid.


I kept moving my ceiling as Buddha Lotus kept calling to me. It turned out one of my friends was outbidding me and neither realized it was one another we were bidding against. He finally saw it was “Ocean Eagle” on the bid sheet and reached out to me. He asked how bad I wanted her and I replied, “I really want her brother!”. He agreed to stop outbidding me and about a week or so later, she arrived home to me.


To date, she has been brought to almost every breathwork session I’ve guided and in her downtime, she hangs over my altar in my home. She has blessed my life and the lives of everyone attending my sessions!