Behind The Words

Marty Daniel, ”Ocean Eagle,” is an Amazon International Best Selling Co-author of Cracking the Rich Code, Vol. 2 and co-author of the soon to be released, SMART ME ~ Where Science Meets Spirit with Dr. Catherine Demetriades “Catatrix.” In partnership with CAT Sciences (Certified Advanced Technology), he and Catatrix are developing the technology and devices that will assist both humans and animals in healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

An ordained Shamanic minister and researcher of the human condition and past life programming, Ocean Eagle is a true and passionate seeker of a better Humanity. Traveling the world to connect with humans from all cultures, his purpose is two-fold— to connect the souls who are ready to evolve and to balance the masculine and feminine energies on Mother Earth. 

Marty Daniel wasn’t always clear on and connected to his passion and life purpose. Growing up in the Northern California Bay Area until age eight and then West Texas, he was a natural athlete and attended college on a baseball scholarship. In moving to Sacramento, California, he owned and operated a real estate and loan company for seventeen years, investing and flipping residential homes. Falling into the conditioned value of conformity and overachieving, he described his former self as a workaholic, alcohol addicted slave. 

It was in May of 2019, in a Consciousness Awakening experience that defies words or explanation, that Marty Daniel discovered his true nature, gifts, and purpose. Transformed into the pure essence of his true being and his given spirit name of Ocean Eagle, he became a heart and soul Shaman, and life took on an unimaginable trajectory of inspiration and lightness.

In addition to his passionate life purpose, Ocean Eagle’s favorite pastimes include writing, inspiring, and hiking ancient sites. Currently, he resides in two locales, on the island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean and in Sacramento, California where his children, Cade, age 15 and Kennedy, age 17 and step sons, Keaton, age 23 and Caleb, age 25 live. 

Coming soon for Ocean Eagle are the release of CXAI (Catatrix Actual Intelligence) and SMART ME (Stored Memory Access Retrieval Technique for My Essence). Unlike Artificial Intelligence, the CXAI technology invented by Dr. Catherine Demetriades for humans and animals is based on the intelligence coded within our own DNA and energetic system.  SMART ME, a book co-authored by Ocean Eagle and Dr. Demetriades that blends science and spirituality, will be available in online video modules, phone app, and worksheets. 

Along with CXAI and SMART ME, will be AutiZmo, the robotic arm of SMART ME and CXAI. A device used to scan humans and animals, with the capability to read your DNA and Quanta (light codes), AutiZmo accesses the deepest aspects of your energetic history in sequential order, to uncover the traumas, subconscious belief systems, and energetic blocks from your current life and those brought in from past lives.  Imagine knowing this information about your autistic child, abused animals, and anyone struggling with repetitive cycles of abuse. No longer will endless therapy sessions be needed to access the origins of these and other conditions.

Ocean Eagle is also currently writing, The Gift of Desperation ~ A Journey Back to ME and The Flight of Ocean Eagle, to be published in late 2021. Beginning in the summer of 2021, he will be facilitating guided journeys to the Sacred Valley of Peru. 

In his words, Ocean Eagle’s greatest asset is a PHD in life— more valuable than any institutionally indoctrinated degree.