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Ocean Eagle is the Best Selling Author of "The Gift of Inspirations," Founder of Activation Breathwork, Soul Guide, and Inspirational Speaker!




Ocean Eagle’s life’s trajectory was forever altered on May 4th, 2019 in his first Shamanic Breathwork session in Sedona, Arizona. While at the “The Gathering of the Shamans”, he attended Linda Star Wolf’s Shamanic Breathwork workshop. 85 people breathed that day and the session profoundly blew Ocean Eagle apart. The expansion of love for humanity and Mother Earth was overwhelming.

He had done 4 years of deep inner diving, soul retrieval and inner child work that prepared him for  Truth and Essence to expose themselves to him. Breathwork was the trigger! After the gathering that weekend (which is also where Star Wolf gave Marty his spirit name “Ocean Eagle”), he went home and changed One Thing in his life…..Everything!


In the past 2 1/2 years, he has traveled the world extensively including 4 trips to Peru to study and train with the Q’ero Paqos, and spent 2 weeks with 40 shamanic souls from 15 countries at Teotihuacan, Mexico training in Shamanic Breathwork. He has now embodied his own sacred style of breathing called Activation Breathwork. He channels playlist that begin in the root chakra and activates all 7 chakras during the session. All you have to do is surrender to your breath, leave all expectations at the door, and trust that Ocean Eagle has the container held.

Ocean Eagle, is an Amazon International Best Selling Co-author of Cracking the Rich Code, Vol. 2 and Best Selling author of "The Gift of Inspirations". 

​An ordained Shamanic minister and researcher of the human condition and past life programming, Ocean Eagle is a true and passionate seeker of a better Humanity. Traveling the world to connect with humans from all cultures, his purpose is two-fold— to connect the souls who are ready to evolve and to balance the masculine and feminine energies on Mother Earth to bring the planet into Harmony! 

Ocean Eagle wasn’t always clear on and connected to his passion and life purpose. Growing up in the Northern California Bay Area until age eight and then West Texas, he was a natural athlete and attended college on a baseball scholarship. In moving to Sacramento, California, he owned and operated a real estate and loan company for eighteen years and has purchased and flipped over 340 residential homes. Falling into the conditioned value of conformity and overachieving, he described his former self as a workaholic and alcohol addicted slave to his past and the conditioning of the 3D World.

It was in May of 2019, in a Consciousness Awakening experience that defies words or explanation, that Marty Daniel discovered his true nature, gifts, and purpose. Transformed into the

pure essence of his true being and his given spirit name of Ocean Eagle, he became a heart and soul Shamanic Man of Heart.  Life took on an unimaginable trajectory of inspiration and lightness from that point on.


In addition to his passionate life purpose, Ocean Eagle’s favorite pastimes include writing, inspiring others, and hiking ancient sites. Currently, he resides in Sedona, Az as spirit lead him to ground there.  His daughter Kennedy is attending Santa Barbara Community College and son Cade is a Junior in High School in Sacramento.  His older step sons Keaton and Caleb are amazing young adults well on their adult journeys.

Ocean Eagle is also currently writing, The Gift of Desperation ~ A Journey Back to ME, S.A.L.T., and The Flight of Ocean Eagle, to be published in late 2021 and 2022.  He is offering weekly Activation Breathwork sessions in Sedona, 4 hour Couples/Partners workshops, Men's Sacred Guidance Retreats, Co-Ed Retreats, and Activation Breathwork training retreats.

In his words, Ocean Eagle’s greatest asset is a PHD in life— more valuable than any institutionally indoctrinated degree for "Our Wisdom is only our Experience".

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